Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Find Lighter Gold Coin

  • Angelina has 25 gold coins. One on those coins is lighter, while the rest of the coins have the same weight. If Angelina has a balance, how would Angelina determine which coin is the lighter one with 3 weightings?

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    Andy, Mark, Grant, and David were finalists of Golf Trophy. Eighteen holes were played. All of them scored 12 pars. Andy scored 3 birdies. Mark scored 2 eagles. Grant did not have any birdie. David did not have any eagle. One player bogeyed twice. Two players bogeyed thrice. One player bogeyed 4 times. One player birdied once. One player birdied twice. One player eagles once. One player eagles thrice.

    Here is how each players scored:

    Players --------- Eagles ---------- Birdies --------- Bogeys

    Andy ---------------1------------------3-----------------2



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